A slight delay in the build

We’ve encountered a slight delay in the building process. Introducing my eventual co-pilot and future bucking bar holder Grayson. You can see I properly represented Van’s aircraft at the hospital. Hey, I knew there would be pictures taken so I had to dress appropriately.

IMG 1969

I doubt we’ll make much progress over the next few weeks but I’m going to try and plug along as I can. Dad is coming down in a few weeks and we’ll get some rivets bucked.

IMG 1992

2 thoughts on “A slight delay in the build

  1. CONGRATS to you and Ashley!!!! A huge day for sure! My “little” guy just turned 20 last week and I still remember that day like it was yesterday! Way to go Mom, way to go Grayson – KC, you were just the audience, but you will have your work and sleepless nights ahead of you – but it is ALL worth it :) So Happy for you two! Congrats!

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