Section 20 – Ailerons

I’ve been working a little bit as I’m able with a now 3 month old but I haven’t been doing a good job of taking pictures or reporting here. I’ve now got the the left and right ailerons completed. I haven’t been doing nearly a good enough job of updating this site so I’ll be throwing out a a few updates here over this week to try and catch up.

The ailerons are very similar to the flaps to construct with the exception of the fact that the ailerons have stiffeners instead of ribs for all support inboard of the two outboard ribs. The ailerons don’t have to support the same loads that the flaps do so they don’t require the ribs.

About the only substantial thing I have to say about constructing the ailerons is that I think I discovered a slightly easier way to rivet the forward edge of the skin to the spar. I have trouble working my hands down into that cavity and holding a bucking bar.
IMG 3008

I discovered that once I got a few rivets set, I could lay the tungsten bar on its side and simply use my finger tips to hold it against the rivet. The bucking bar rests against the shop heads of the completed rivets.
IMG 3007

After completing each rivet you can work your way down to the next.
IMG 2964

So both ailerons are now complete and stored on a shelf. Tanks are next. Dad is in town and we started them this week.

2 thoughts on “Section 20 – Ailerons

  1. About Time!!!! Just Kidding. Watching for posts, good to see one pop up… I have my sites on the RV 14, now I just need to pull the trigger.

    Take Care


  2. I know, I know! Had my hands full with new baby and just trying to make progress building…documenting fell by the wayside a little.

    If you have any questions about the RV-14 or building in general, let me know and I can email you my phone number so we could talk. I’m loving it!

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