Fuel Tanks 5

Been quite a while since I did any productive work on the wing kit after working on Emp inventory, dealing with a flu bug, etc, etc. I know, excuses, excuses…

Did a little more work on the left fuel tank. Last weekend I sealed and riveted the outboard end rib, and the inboard fwd half rib.

Mom and Dad are in town for a day so today we prosealed the J-stiffener and the tank attach bracket. We’ll drive the rivets tomorrow.

Tank with the J-stiffener and bracket clecoed in place to set up overnight.
IMG 3170

the outboard end rib riveted and sealed
IMG 3171

Fuel tank attach bracket
IMG 3172

Sometimes the proseal plays nicely and you get a nice looking sealed surface with nice squeeze out…
IMG 3174

…and some times the proseal gets angry at you…
IMG 3173

One thought on “Fuel Tanks 5

  1. “…and some times the proseal gets angry at you…”
    That’s hilarious KC! It’s funny because it’s so true!
    Keep it the good work.

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