I’m Still Working on it

I know it’s been 12 months to the week since I published anything here but I am still working on the build. I’ve had to prioritize things a bit. Given much less time available to build, I’ve been spending what time I do have in the workshop instead of on the computer writing about it. I would like to pick the blogging back up so I intend to get something of a catchup post out at some point during the holidays.

In general, I’ve continued to work on the empennage kit, completed the V Stab, H Stab, Rudder and am just wrapping up work on the elevator and trim tab assembly. I will be starting the tail cone (Chapter 10) this week.

After that, I will return to the wings and finish the fuel tanks and the rest of the wing construction before biting the bullet to buy the Fuselage kit.

2 thoughts on “I’m Still Working on it

  1. Hi Ashley,
    I had been following your build progress, I am assembling RV -14 tail dragger, finished fuselage,empenage ,wings and waiting on Finishing kit expected to be dispatched early Dev 2015. I will be installing IO-390 Lycoming and G3TX Garmin. Which seats are you intending to install.
    Malcolm Smith

  2. I was making very good progress on this project until our son was born two years ago. Since then, I enjoy getting out to the workshop when I can (which isn’t often enough to make substantial progress).

    I am so far away from finishing decisions like that, I haven’t even given it any thought. Overall though, I intent to stick pretty close to plans.

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