I’ve finished all of the elevator except for wiring the trim tab servo. I had to order a crimper and some Molex pins that were missing from my kit.

IMG 0057

The main thing that I had to rework was the trim tab hinge. I attached both of the halves of the piano hinge as per the instructions but the half on the elevator spar was warped.
IMG 0058
I ordered replacement parts, drilled out the bad piece (about 25 rivets) and redid that hinge. This time, I kept the hinge assembled while I positioned and drilled the hinge. This kept the piece from warping.
IMG 0063

Anther thing worth noting is that I built a tool to make rolling of the leading edge easier. This idea was something I got from a post on =VAF= and is simply a closet rod with a 7/8 inch socket epoxied into the end. This lets you use a socket wrench to do the turning instead of vise grips on a broomstick. I made two: one long one with a socket on both ends, and one short one with one socket for use on the short section at the end. By my counting, this is the last rolled edge on the plane so I probably won’t use it again but it was well worth the effort to build.

IMG 0055IMG 0056

2 thoughts on “Elevator

  1. Hi,

    I am very happy to receive your blogs, are you intending to install aileron trim and or rudder trim.

    best regards

  2. Hi Ashley,

    Can you advise whether you are considering electric rudder, aileron, elevator trim and which supplier. Also which stick grip with functions are you considering.


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