About the RV-14

The RV-14 is the newest model from Van’s Aircraft and builds on the legacy of their most successful models. It is a side by side two seat aircraft and in some ways, it is the newest model in the RV-6, RV-7 lineage. It’s slightly larger than an RV-7 but still aerobatic.
14A 1 lg

It also builds on the lessons that Van’s has learned from the experience producing the E-LSA RV-12 kit. There is a great deal of standardization and modularization of the manufacturing that will hopefully result in a quicker build and better airplane.


I think maybe the way I look at the RV-14 is as a two-seat version of the RV-10. The RV-10 was the plane we started off leaning towards and at 6’3″, it gives me the most head and shoulder room. As we got more serious, we decided that we were not quite ready for the size of the check we’d have to write for the RV-10. All of the sudden at Oshkosh this year Van’s comes out with the RV-14 and here we are.

IMG 2217

Below is an RV-7 Kit just to give you the idea of what we’re in for. The RV-14 is essentially a slightly larger version of the -7 so essentially all we have to do is assemble the pieces as shown and we’ll wind up with an airplane.
Rv 7 standard kit lg