Section 12 – Assembling and Match Drilling Ribs

Today I assembled the flap brackets and match drilled the #30 holes. During this I noticed that one of the W-1025A brackets has a fairly deep gouge in it, apparently a product of the drilling operation at the factory. See the picture below
IMG 2265

IMG 2264

I have sent these pictures to Van’s to ask if this should be polished out or if it needs to be replaced.

Next I mounted the ribs on the spar and match drilled the 30 and 40 sized holes in the rib flanges with the spar. I marked and disassembled the ribs from the spar for priming. I started off using SEM Self Etching Primer but ran out. I then used Nappa 7220 primer which is about 1/3 the cost of SEM but doesn’t go on nearly as smoothly. I may try another brand tomorrow.
IMG 2268