Workshop Improvements

Not a whole lot of progress on the wing this week because I had the workshop out of commission for electrical and flooring improvements. An electrician came out on Friday and ran 220 for the air compressor, 110 for overhead fluorescent lights, and another 110 circuit for shop equipment. We moved the wing to the spare bedroom to be out of the way of the electrician so while I was at it, I took the opportunity to lay carpet and padding on the workshop side of the garage. I know this is a little non traditional for a workshop but it was an economic way to add some anti-fatigue padding to the floor. We'll see how it works.

As far as the plane goes, I did get about half of the rivets in on the W-00002 inboard wing skin. I can't reach any more without a helper to hold the bucking bar so I'm going to set the left wing aside and start on the right.