Back to working on the workshop

With the inventory complete, we turned back towards getting the workshop ready. Task for today is lighting. I ultimately need to get an electrician out to run some more power and a dedicated circuit for the air compressor. In the interim however, I hung an 8 foot florescent fixture that I’ll plug into an outlet. IMG 2251
Ashley and I got the fixture hung and wired to power but only 2 of the 4 bulbs lit. It was time for dinner so I decided to call it an evening and consult the internet for wiring advice. It appears that the grey and red wire needs to be wired into the white power input…who knew… We’ll take care of that tomorrow.

A few more things remain to be done before I can really start working on the wing. My goal is to have everything ready so I can get going by Christmas Eve.

  • Afore mentioned lighting complete
  • Carpet on the workbenches
  • Storage solution for the wing tips and wing skins