Empennage Inventory Complete

Ashley and I finished inventoring the Emp kit today. The only thing missing was 6 molex pins and a few AN470AD3-3.5 rivets. Normally I wouldn’t worry about the rivets but I don’t have any of these so I’ll ask Van’s to send them.

Here’s a picture of the unopened box. I’ll get some pictures of the stuff all stored away in the garage soon.

IMG 3122

One thought on “Empennage Inventory Complete

  1. KC & Ashley
    I just pulled wire over to the garage 110 and 220 that I will be using to build the RV 14. I have not ordered anything yet I am a few months out. I sure would love to get some advice from you, about tool selection etc. So I guess I pulled the trigger, little nervous.

    Thanks Glenn

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