Move complete and new workshop ready

Well, It’s been quite a while since I’ve made an forward progress on airplane building. Here is a big part of the reason. Ashley and I decided to sell our house and move to the Burleson area. We wanted a place large enough for a little boy to run around and get into trouble without having to cross city streets. I, of course, also wanted larger workshop space.

IMG 3282

30×40 workshop / Airplane factory
IMG 3381

and, after a ton of help from Dad and a successful move…
IMG 3660

Since I can’t hang stuff on the walls here very easily, I had some fixtures to build. So that took a good bit of time but now I’ve got a great deal of storage and workbench space and I’m ready to start working aluminum again.

2 thoughts on “Move complete and new workshop ready

  1. Hi, nice setup, Im located in the Dominican Republic , Staring to build a RV9A in the near future, Im planning to build a 20 x 25 hangar to build the plane. I saw yours is 30 x 40 , now im wondering if im building a to small r or you have plenty space.


  2. 20×25 is plenty big. I’ve got yard equipment and all sorts of other stuff in the workshop also. I only use 20×30 and that’s more than enough.

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